About The Company

MS Revolution is a leading Indian name in bringing national and international brands to stores across the country as a professional supply chain management company. We have a wide and varied consumer goods base in our distribution spectrum. Over 25 years of spearheading change in urban and rural consumer mindsets through the sales and marketing of durables makes us one of the most preferred professional national distribution houses in India.

Since its inception in 2017 MS Revolution has tirelessly connected products to potential consumers through a network of distributors, trade and resale partners. We specialize in continuously introducing brands in new market places.

MS Revolution works closely with its principals to generate a higher market share for them by focusing on reach management, innovative marketing programs, and better brand visibility backed by efficient logistic systems with transparent commercial terms. With focused distribution systems and in-depth data analysis we constantly work towards improvisation to set new standards of industry and ultimately end up breaking our own records.



We strive to grow in tandem with our principals and partners vis-à-vis large volumes and share of business in the coverage area. All of our work is conducted with a vision of maintaining MS Revolution as a symbol of professional distribution with pride, passion and profits.


MS Revolution's core objective and mission is to support our associates in expansion and profitability Enhancing Market Share, Discovering New Markets, Implementing Strategic & Innovative Sales & Marketing Programs. MS Revolution is a proactive organization functioning with the highest degree of trade ethics and integrity while focusing on the success of our retailers, distribution partners and principals.


At MS Revolution, we build long term partnerships, always learning from our associates through the course of transparent and effective operations. Healthy commercial terms and the right pricing are in our system. We are one big happy family with the resale partners as our most vital members.

Our Advantages

  • Having grown from the grassroots working against adversity MS Revolution has evolved to a point where every single team member is experienced & versatile enough to excel even under extreme environmental & economic conditions.
  • MS Revolution is associated with leading domestic and international brands. We are avid learners and imbibe all the good practices of leading brands into our system.
  • Robust commercial and logistical infrastructure ensures fastest possible delivery time schedules to the remotest destination.
  • Online billing and MIS system ensures availability of the right data for analysis and planning.
  • Our teams of dedicated and passionate sales executives are regularly trained on products and soft skills along with continuous innovation in marketing. Reach management and brand visibility is the KRA of MS Revolution.
  • Dedicated MIS Executives for every product line ensure smooth flow of information to principals and sales teams for improved productivity.

Our Partnership

MS Revolution has partnered with many top-of-the line brands for their distribution in numerous regions in India. Essentially partnerships are strategic alliances and we take pride in our association with all of our principal partners while jointly with them to achieve higher market share and profitability.